Colorado Mother’s Facebook Post Goes Viral After Bullies Continue To Harass Her Daughter

Mandy Brown of Aurora, Colorado recently had her Facebook post go viral after aggressive bullies would not leave her daughter alone. Mandy’s daughter goes to Gateway High school in Aurora, Colorado and she says the school and police have done very little to help with this bullying issue and she is now taking matters into her own hands. As of right now the Facebook post has over 45,000 shares and the videos have over 3,000,000 views. See the original Facebook post and videos below.

So as many of you know for over a few months my daughter has been bullied by a group of girls at her high school. The school has suspended these girls on multiple occasions for this very reason. These girls saw Laniey in my car last week as we were out to lunch, and proceeded to call me a bitch, tell me to park my car and get the fuck out as we drove past them. I continued through the drive thru, and called the school, and the police. The girls were again suspended. My daughter is now walked to class, the bathroom, and my vehicle by a security guard. However these girls still managed to block my daughter into a bathroom upon their first day back to school. The girls were taken to the office where I’m told by the Dean that one of the girls tells another girl in front of a police officer, and the Dean that they need to find, and jump me! These girls were again suspended. Well today being their first day back to school of COURSE they had to my daughter as she proceeded to walk to her brothers school (I was running less then 5 minutes late) she’s texting me frantically that their getting closer, and she’s walking as fast as possible. (They were on longboards) This this folks is what happens when we glorify and make famous shit like cash me ouside!! I pulled up on these girls about to jump my child!!! And then threatening me! Threatening to throw a huge rock at my window, telling me they were gonna pull me outta my car, that they were gonna beat me with their boards… I had the Dean on the phone the entire time listening to them as she was in her car trying to locate us. I called the police. I also most definitely pulled out my pepper spray and pointed it right at them and told them if they came any closer I’d empty the can. I decided not to continue to wait for the Dean as these girls were only getting worse. I come home. Mario leaves to go get Gia and one of the girls aunts shows up on my street with all the girls in her car (because Lanieys old friend decided to show them where we live) blocks him with her car at the corner telling him take me to your wife!? Luckily the police showed at the same time, only taking statements, and sending them home.
These girls have done nothing but try to ruin her entire high school experience. She’s fallen so far behind she’s telling me she wants to give up. She turns 16 in a few short weeks, and has asked that I enroll her into the GED Program this summer. As much as it kills me knowing because of some juvenile delinquents I won’t get to watch her walk with her class, it kills me even more seeing her broken face everyday that she comes home from the one other place she should feel safe, and able to learn 😢😞 I am willing to support anything that’ll keep her happy and goal driven in what ever direction she decides to go. I refuse to let my child be another statistic!!! I plan to pull her from school tomorrow, and file restraining orders. There’s no pain in this world like feeling like you can’t protect your babies!!!
Some extra thoughts and prayers friend’s.