How much is $100 worth in Colorado?

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL – If it doesn’t seem like 100 bucks goes as far as you’d like, now you have proof.

A new report says that a C-note in Colorado will only buy you $97.85 worth of goods and services, based on the average cost across the country of typical things we all buy.

The Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, crunched data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to come up with a map showing the relative value of $100 in each state, based on local prices for goods and services.

For example, in pricey Hawaii, $100 is worth only $86.06, and in D.C. it’ll only buy you $84.96 worth of stuff.

But on the other hand, in low-cost Mississippi, $100 stretches far enough to buy you $115.21 in goods and services, and in Arkansas a C-note is worth $114.29.

Read the full report in the Denver Business Journal:

Janine Park
Janine Park

Goes much father in Kansas, so I do my shopping there when I can!