Pissed off driver: An open message to the group that races their cars up and down I-25 at night

This drivers rant on the Denver Reddit group has been causing quite the stir on the internet this week. Check out the original post below and let us know if you agree.

Yo, fuck all of you. I know you idiots don’t care about your own lives but you are endangering everyone else’s life who is unfortunate enough to share the hwy with you. I almost witnessed 4 collisions tonight due to you idiots slowing everyone down to a stop on the highway and then racing each other. One of those was a near miss with a minivan and a car traveling well over 100mph weaving in and out of lanes.I get it you love your cars. They look cool. You put a lot of work into them. Take them to the fucking track. I don’t deserve to die because you fuckwits want to figure out who’s car is faster on a crowded interstate. Until you figure out how to not be a public nuisance I’m going to call the cops on you every time I see you. And I commute on night shifts so I see your group a lot.

Sincerely a pissed off driver