SIE FilmCenter: This is my favorite theater in Denver

We love this place!

Had a blast!
Excellent place to watch an indy film.



I love that they have a free parking garage.
I love that you can order beer/wine/cocktails at the bar and take them in to the show. Like, you can take and entire bottle of wine and glasses into the show.
I love that right next to the candy and popcorn, there is a fridge full of bottled beer that you can procure to enjoy during the show.
I love that I can see films here that I really won’t see anywhere else. And, every time we are here, we see a preview for another interesting and fun film that we must return and see.
I love that this theater caters to adults. I have never experienced running children or a crying baby.
I love that the ticket prices are cheap and leave you a little cash to spend at the bar.
I love that there are seemingly endless options for pre or post film food and drinks in this area.
I love that they do old, awful Sci-Fi movies with live MST3K-style dialogue.

This place is just amazing and makes me very happy. If you haven’t been, you should totally check it out.


Mo C.