There’s No Sauce Like K-sauce

If you love your hot sauce then you gotta give these a try. K-sauce is one of the most innovative, creative and flavorful hot sauces available. We had the pleasure of trying all 5 and we must say we absolutely loved them all! The K3 was our personal favorite, it definitely packs a punch and goes great on everything! Check out all of the flavors below. 

Meet the original.


K1 Original Hot Sauce


2014 HPA Winner!

The K-Sauce that started it all, and created a whole new category of hot sauce in the process. For habanero lovers. With forward, front-of-the-mouth heat—balanced with perfect doses of lime, garlic and cumin.

 Great as a marinade for grilling. Try it with beef, chicken and pork. Wonderful on baked potatoes, tacos, nachos or chips. Add some to black beans, sautéed vegetables or rice dishes. Adds backbone and brightness to any soup, stew or chili.

Go green.


K2 Mean Green Hot Sauce

2013 Hot Pepper Awards Winner!

Mean, green, and richly complex in flavor with its bright combination of habaneros, jalapeños, serranos and tomatillos, blended with distinctive herbs and spices. The best thing to ever happen to eggs in the morning.

The tangy fresh flavor is terrific on breakfast burritos too, plus chicken, tacos, chips, enchiladas and nachos. Throw a little in your guacamole! Marinate chicken thighs and grill them. Add some to your green chili to wake it up. Marinate pork tenderloin before grilling—terrific!



Your favorite nightmare.


K3 Be Afraid!! Hot Sauce

thpa13weblarge.siteWe were careful with the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), but its unique heat is clear. It’s more of a back-of-mouth heat that sneaks up. The heat and fruit is not as forceful as K-1 Original and K-4 Sunshine Mango, but will fill your senses.

The combination of red jalapeños and Bhut Jolokia provides a balanced, complex flavor. Great as an ingredient to enliven meats, stews, or soups—or slam it right on that taco! Marinate tri-tip, flank steak or chicken. K-3 Be Afraid!! is a favorite on mac ‘n’ cheese, and stir-fried into anything. Also makes a killer Bloody Mary!



Sunshine in a bottle.


K4 Sunshine Mango Hot Sauce

thpa13weblarge.siteA refreshing but fiery Caribbean-style mango and habanero sauce. Great on grilled fish, poultry or pork and with any food you want to wake-up with an exotic mix of fruit and fire.

Fresh lime juice balances the sweetness of the ripe mangoes, and the tropical tanginess is supported by garlic, honey and a hint of ginger and cinnamon. Great with fish, chicken, pork, tacos, and nachos. Some swear by it on ice cream. Try it on Buffalo Wings, jerk-rubbed chick- en or grilled shrimp.

Chipotle fantasticness.


KChipotle Hot Sauce

thpa13weblarge.siteChipotles, and nothing but chipotles as far as the peppers are concerned. This is the mildest of the K-Sauces as far as heat, but the richness of the smoky jalapeños with piquancy of tomatoes and cider vinegar make it very lively and full-flavored. 

This is absolutely killer on grilled steaks and other meats. Mix a tablespoon per patty for burgers, and you will never go back to ordinary! Try it in mashed potatoes, stews, and compound butter. Also a great substitute for anything that calls for barbeque sauce.

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K-Sauces are great. We bought some and then bought more as gifts.