These Are The 5 Most Haunted Places In Colorado

According to these are the 5 most haunted locations in Colorado.

Stanley Hotel.

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Anyone who is vaguely interested in haunted hotels will have heard of the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley claims it is the inspiration for the haunted horror of  Stephen King’s The Shining and with a long oral history of “ghostly adventures” occurring there, the Stanley is well aware of the money to be made off of its haunted reputation and has made it into quite an industry.

Cheeseman Park.

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Local legend has it that the haunts that may be seen at this cemetery are restless because at some points in the park’s past, proper care was not taken of the graveyard, and some bodies were simply left lying in a mass grave.

Last Dollar Inn.

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This historic inn was the first in the township of Cripple Creek, and is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a miner who frequented the inn back when it was a gambling parlour. It is believed that he died in a fight on the upper floor of the inn, and has been seen by passer-bye as well as by guests at the inn.

Littleton Cemetery.

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Littleton Cemetery’s eerie story is about alleged cannibal Alfred Packer, who is buried here. But it’s not Packer’s ghost, it’s his goat who haunts the graveyard. Angelica the Goat, alleged to have been Packer’s spirit medium, is believed to linger in spirit here among the graves.

The Tivoli.

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The former Tivoli Brewery Company Building, built in the 1870s, is now the student center on the Auraria campus and is rumored to be haunted. One of the most-often-met ghosts is a little girl thought to have died in a house that once stood on the site of one of the building’s wings. Ghost investigation in the underground area, referred to as the catacombs, banging noises and several EVPs were captured.