You Gotta Try These Delicious Handcrafted Colorado Caramels

Helliemae's hand-made caramels are a must try!

Intense, complex confections in small batches.



Helliemae’s makes intense, complex confections in small batches. Ellen started Helliemae’s in late 2010 because she couldn’t find the caramels she loves on the shelves: super dark, almost bitter caramels with plenty of flaky, crunchy sea salt. Handcrafted postpunk DIY + Hell-on-wheels flavors = Helliemae’s.

From the original Classic Salt Caramels, Helliemae’s products have grown to five year-round caramels and six limited-edition seasonal caramels, along with three caramel sauces and occasional other treats like banana pudding with salted caramel sauce, tart maraschino cherries, and a pecan praline crunch.

We had the pleasure of trying the Candy Cane, Atticus, and the Classic Sea Salt Caramels and I must say each one was very delicious and stood out on its own. These are not your average caramels but any stretch, Ellen Daehnick aka Helliemae has a very special touch in her recipes.

The Atticus Caramels are inspired by the iconic Atticus Finch, these dark, smoky caramels are made with ingredients he’d love: Colorado whiskey, Louisiana open-kettle cane syrup, and Kentucky bourbon barrel-smoked sea salt. 

The Candy cane caramels were also delicious, dark and intense, with peppermint and seasonal spices. Pretty sure Hansel and Gretel eat these caramels on Christmas morning, deep in the snowy Black Forest.

Then there’s the Classic Sea Salt, deep, rich, caramels made with (a ton of) best-quality butter and cream, and accented with flaky, crunchy sea salt on top. The darkest, freshest, creamiest salted caramels you’ve ever tasted. 

All Helliemae’s products are made by hand, and they choose the best ingredients. They select for flavor first, and they try to source local and organic where they can. 

You can find all these Caramels and more at: www.saltcaramels.com